Examination Gloves 100's

Examination Gloves 100's


NPR 600.00

Mfr: 1 Mile Healthcare
50 Pair's box

Disposable Examination Gloves

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Product Qualities:examination gloves are water resistant and mould perfectly to hands for increased comfort. It consists of superior materials and unique construction that allow dexterity while still being a tough durable glove that will not tear during medical treatment.

Salient Features -Fully Textured -Lightly Powdered -Prevent Roll Back -Ambidextrous and straight fingers -Non-Allergic -Comfortable to wear -High Durability. -Barrier Protection -Secure Grip.

Secure & Smart Packaging: 1Mile Examination Glove is made available in highly secure packaging. Smart Pulls Dispenser Box makes it convenient to pull up the gloves and repack the box to preserve other gloves in good condition.

Protection: It helps in preventing both the patient and medical professionals from germs and infections. Wearing 1Mile Examination Gloves is a must to prevent the spread of contamination, disease and infections among healthcare professionals and patients.

Works Great At: 1Mile Examination gloves can be used in a variety of tasks in Military, Medical institutions, Salons, Paint and even at Home.


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